Service Providers

The Axiros Telecom Program offers Operators worldwide effective Device & Service Management.  Axiros is recognized as market & technology leader in this segment.

  • 270+ productive solution platforms

  • Serving more than 230 fixed-line & mobile operators worldwide

  • Access agnostic – works over copper, fiber, cable, satellite to all cell systems


The Axiros OEM Ready Program offers extensive white label and custom branding capabilities for the entire Axiros solution portfolio. All Axiros platforms are open for OEM customization. This enables manufacturers to reduce time-to-market and to ensure manufacturers can build the brand integrity of their design.


The Axiros Enterprise Program offers all industries - from aerospace to education to insurance to energy and utilities - the advantage of our 18 years of extensive experience in managing devices and vertical service offerings. Simple- Easy to implement.-Amazing ROI based on increased Quality of Experience (QoE) for customers.

Axiros Customers D-A-CH

  • 75+ customers in D-A-CH use the Axiros ACS Solution

  • Direct service office in Munich

  • 20+ millions of managed DSL-, FTTx and Cable CPEs

  • 10.000+ managed DSLAM’s (all named vendors)

  • 15+ customers for the Axiros DHCP / IPAM solution

  • 20+ customers for the Axiros QoE solution

  • 20+ customers for Axiros Cloud solutions


Axiros Customers LATAM

  • 20+ customers in LATAM

  • Direct service office in Sao Paulo

  • 10+ million devices under management

  • 50+ million devices under monitoring

  • 35+ million smartphones with AX MOBILITY inside




Axiros Customers APAC

  • 20+ customers in APAC

  • Direct service offices in Singapore and Tokyo

  • 19+ million of devices under management

  • Use Cases

    • Provisioning of HSI/VOIP

    • Service Assurance

    • Monitoring of Broadband Routers

    • Monitoring of IPTV

    • Management of mobile devices

    • Speed tests

    • DHCP

Axiros Customers North America