AXACT | Embedded Connectivity

AXACT TR-069 / USP Stack - Connectivity To Almost Any Kind Of Device

AXACT provides a fully Broadband Forum (“BBF”) standards compliant TR-069 client and TR-369 | USP Agent management solution. This commercial product allows to enable almost any kind ofdevice or application to securely and efficiently receive configuration or be monitored via the corresponding management or monitoring systems. As a long term principal member of the BBF, Axiros stays at the helm of the standards evolution and provides several feature releases per annum for the whole AXACT package to allow customers to stay up-to-date with the latest standards and secure their investment.


Key Features of AXACT

  • Designed to be powerful and extensible yet simple to use

  • Single process event driven engine

  • Very lightweight ataround 150-400 kB binary size

  • Always supplied in C++11 compatible C source code

  • Extensive documentation, example apps and testing support

  • Unified data model and mapping implementation

  • Concurrent TR-069 and TR-369 protocol support

AXACT Features & Functionalities

The Axiros AXACT CWMP client is used to provide TR-069 | TR-369 functionality to almost any kind of device. AXACT provides a fully Broadband Forum (“BBF”) standards compliant TR-069 | TR-369 protocol implementation together with a highly customizable data model, which allows a TR-069 ACS or USP Controller to configure and monitor every feature supported by the device.

  • USP and/or TR-069 USP protocol support, also concurrently with a single implementation

  • Always supplied in C source code (C90/C99), C++ compatible

  • Comes with extensive documentation, example applications and testing support

  • Works on every POSIX1.b compliant system

  • Single process (non-threaded) event driven engine

  • May be integrated into existing applications, OS processes or tasks

  • Modular design for easy customization

  • Supports any TR-106 compliant model via automatic code generation

  • IPv6 and IPv4 operation supported

  • TLS 1.2/1.3 capable with extensive out of the box certificate handling

  • Libre-, OpenSSL, and mbedTLS support or custom implementation

  • UTF-8 support

  • Embeddable Lua interpreter and bindings for scripting functionality

  • Lightweight at around 150-400 kB binary size

  • Relies on libevent 2.x for communication, timers and buffer management

Concurrent USP and TR-069 Protocol Support

AXACT is the only offering on the market supporting both TR-069 and USP protocols within a single implementation, concurrently and without additional effort. This is ideal for migration scenarios or if you are a device vendor and want to appeal to customers with both traditional and the most-up-to-date infrastructure.

Highly Portable Source Code

AXACT is always delivered as source code and we take great care and pride in the fact that when it comes to portability in a device management stack, it really is second to none. The devices targeted by our customers are as diverse as nature: Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, proprietary OSes — out-of-the-box AXACT runs pretty much on any system with a POSIX compatible environment and for which a C (cross-)compiler exists. We also rely on the great CMake build system to make (cross-)compilation as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Integration into Existing Software

You don’t want to run your management protocols in a standalone application but need to integrate it with other software or directly into the operating system? AXACT is flexible: the main code compiles into a library which can easily interface with other programming languages (Lua, C++, Python, Java, Swift, Objective-C, Rust are some our customers frequently use) and integrate into your software, whether into a smartphone app, desktop application, device configuration/service manager or operating system.

Quality Assurance

All source code handed out by Axiros is extensively tested and packaged by our continuous integration system. Not only do we compile and run unit tests on a variety of Linux distributions in different versions, we also cross-compile to Windows and 32bit systems, have a number of additional functional tests and an array of source code analysis tools mercilessly flagging even just a hint of trouble with every change before allowing the packing process to create an archive. We’re happy to provide our customers with a summary report of this process for each archive we hand out.


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We’re happily sharing our expertise and the software built on it with our valued customers to give them a competitive edge. Learn more about how AXACT offers the most efficient and effective approach to make devices manageable via USP and TR-069.


AXACT Product Line

AXACT TR-069 | Embedded TR-069 Connectivity



  • Support for TR-069 Amendment 6

  • Support for ATP-069 (BBF.069 certification program)

AXACT USP | Embedded TR-369 Connectivity



  • Support for USP v1.1

  • Support for WebSocket and MQTT MTP

AXACT DUAL | Embedded Connectivity



  • Any combination of standard or custom TR-106/TR-154 compliant root and service data models, including (but not limited to) Device:2 (TR-181i2), Voice (TR-104), STB (TR-135), Storage (TR-140) . . .

  • Supports all data model features, enforced automatically by the generated datamodel

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