AX USP | Controller

AX USP - WebSocket & MQTT MTP Controller

Axiros AX USP supports millions of concurrent USP Agents, WebSocket connections and MQTT MTPs via a single process. It is developed from scratch in a memory safe language for safety and speed. AX USP interfaces seamlessly with all current and future Axiros products, including USP 1.1 (and the upcoming version 1.2).


Key Features of AX USP

  • Standalone process to handle many concurrent USP sessions

  • Provides continuity in current product deployments and the user interface

  • Offers state-of-the-art northbound interfaces for maximum flexibility

  • Uses a stateless implementation for independence and container compatibility

AX USP Use Cases

  • Real-time applications and support via a low latency communication

  • Efficient data collection due to a low overhead

  • Self-service app relying on omni-directional communication

  • Application scaling using multiple Controllers

  • Audience measurement

  • Direct alarming with more elaborate notifications

  • User consent through a built-in permission system

  • Service delegation

  • Third party applications

    ... and many more.

AX USP Controller Interfacing

AX USP Controller Interfacing

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